Jaeger cutscene


Jaeger is the Tier 7 Unit for the Teknos Nation. He is a big, burly robot armed with various weaponry.


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Jaeger in-game

Base InformationEdit

"Relic of a forgotten war, these huge killing machines cleanse the world of organic vermin." - Jaeger In-game Help Page


Health: 100

Energy: 160

Movement: 2 Hexes, Grounded

Map: Factory

Cost: 130 AUR


Square: Punch: Electro-whallop does 15 damage.

Triangle: Laser: Rapid beams each do 5 damage.

Circle: Rocket: Long range strike does 10 damage.

Ex: Jump: Small Jump.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Strong Vs: Fire Witch, Prana Devil

Weak Vs: Brontu, Ecton

Map Power: NukeEdit

Megatonnage does 15 damage.

Range: 5 Hexes.

Cost: 40 AUR.

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