Quicksilver, a teknos human.

Humans are a species of mammal descended from planet Earth. However, they appear in many forms on other planets in The Unholy War.

Arcane HumansEdit

  • Dark Angel (Mutant)
  • Mogalin Rider

Teknos HumansEdit

  • Killcycle (Half Machine)
  • Quicksilver
  • Wasp (Half Machine)

Arcane HumanoidsEdit

  • Ecton
  • Fire Witch
  • Magus Lizard

Teknos HumanoidsEdit

  • Tesla Lord 
  • Razorfane (Human brain in mechanical suit)
  • Betarazor (Human brain in mechanical suit)


  • It is never revealed how humans like Dark Angel appeared on Xsarra. Due to the time the game is set in, previous humans may have landed there.
  • The only pure humans are: Mogalin Rider and Quicksilver. The rest are mutated, or partially mechanical.